We are Moving

June 13th, 2016

Many of you have heard the rumor, and yes it is officially true. Rochelle and I have decided to move our clinic from the Douglas Glen Mall on 24th st a few blocks over to 27th St SE. We have chosen a new home for our clinic in a new three story medical building that resides just across the road from the new BRT parking lot in Douglas Glen. We are very excited about our new future location along with all our new medical and alternative medicine neighbors. We are hoping that the new location also gives more parking options for our clients along with a more convenient access to the transit system in and out of the community.

The official opening date is June 27th. Rest assured that we will be operating in the same fashion as before, and we will be taking all of our wonderful staff. Same faces just a different place. So update you address books to our new address: Suite 120 11420 27th St. SE, T2Z 3R6. We will update our map when we open the doors at the new location. For now we are operating as usual at the Douglas Square location.

Pop in and see the new place!


Bryan Shopka

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