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July 16th, 2013

The hope of this blog is to highlight the different knee braces that we offer.

The thing to keep in mind with knee braces are there are many models available because there are many different types of knee injuries. Braces range from simplistic sleeves that just pull onto your leg to fully custom knee ligament stability braces. Your doctor or physiotherapist can determine the type of brace that you require. The type of knee braces that I am always asked about are patellar tracker braces (used for patellofemoral syndrome), ligament stability braces (used for Acl,Pcl,Mcl,Lcl), and Osteoarthric deloading braces. The two major companies that supply these products are Ossur, and Donjoy.

The following are lists of the knee braces and Brands we typically stock / order. The custom Knee braces are fitted by our own Physiotherapist Bryan Shopka.  His background in physiotherapy makes him the ideal individual to fit and assure the proper brace for you.

Braces are organized below by condition and a link to the product description is also included. We can also order in any other product that these companies offer. So if you see anything else on their web pages that you would like more info or pricing on please feel free to call or email us anytime. We keep a stock of some of these products. If we have to order anything, we can usually get the product in within 2-3 days. Custom knee braces take approximately 7 days after sizing with our physiotherapist.

Patellofemerol Syndrome Braces:


Target knee-o-Tracker

Custom Ligament Stability Knee Braces:



Osteoarthritis Deloading Braces:



HOPE THIS HELPS ANSWER SOME OF YOUR QUESTIONS. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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