Why Resolve Health Partners?

February 16th, 2011

Like many clinics, organizations and companies, we felt we wanted to change our name of Douglas Square Physiotherapy Clinic to something that would more accurately reflect what we do and doesn’t tie us to this specific area of Calgary. Douglas Square is a great community and we definitely consider it home, but as we look towards the growing of our business we want to be able to share our excellence in service and results with the entire Calgary region and that cannot be done with just one clinic.

So by ‘rebranding’ ourselves we are able to pave the way to be able to open new clinics in other areas of the city.

Another factor in our renaming was that we wanted to call ourselves something that demonstrated our resolve to help our patients heal from their injuries and ailments. Trust me when I say that we went over a gigantic list of names, logos and colour schemes, but none of them felt right. Then we happened upon the name ‘Resolve’ and everything clicked. Resolve is the perfect name for us because it conveys our dedicated approach in finding solutions and treatments for our clients’ ailments.

But we felt we needed to provide a context for the name ‘Resolve’, it couldn’t just stand on it’s own. I mean, what does Resolve mean anyhow? On it’s own, not much. It just means determination, which we are certainly about. That was when we determined that by calling ourselves Resolve Health Partners we hit on the name we wanted. Resolve conveys our determination and Health Partners provides the context; we are in the business of healthy living and we work with our clients to provide them with the treatments and tools to realize that healthy life.

Bryan Shopka
Resolve Health Partners
Douglas Square

March 30th 2011

Dave . L Wrote.

With this name change, does it mean that there has been a ownership and managment change?

Good question Dave; and frequently asked.  The answer is NO.  Douglas Square Physiotherapy Centre and Resolve Health Partners are one  Although there has been many offers put on the table, Rochelle and I are still owners and operators.  We still continue to maintain the same clinic format that so many of you expect and enjoy.  The only thing that has changed is the name of the clinic.   However with the name change we also hope that it invites other medical based practitioners to possibly join our team.  To confuse everyone a little more, we have to keep our signage as Douglas Square Physiotherapy Centre for a month or so longer.  So bear with us the full name change will be in affect by late spring.

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