Why Doesn’t Your Clinic Accept WCB or Calgary Health Region Funding?

September 17th, 2010

A question that we are sometimes asked is why we do not accept Worker Compensation Board or Calgary Health Region funding. This was a decision that we’ve deliberated over quite a bit over the years. Simply put, by opening ourselves up to WCB and CHR funding we have to see a particularly high quota of patients per hour to keep our doors open; generally in 10 – 15 minute intervals or 4-6 patients per hour. This means that we get through a high volume of patients but it became evident to us that our patients would not be receiving the kind of treatment and attentiveness that their treatments would require.

So by moving away from WCB and CHR funding we opened up the possibility of providing treatment within the time frame that was required for each of our patients on a case-by-case scenario.

We stand by our treatments and our skilled staff and partners. We feel that our clients are able to receive the best possible care when it is on a case-by-case basis that reflects what their specific needs are, rather than a blanket government policy.


Rochelle Lequier
Resolve Health Partners
Douglas Square

March 26th 2011

Craig G. Wrote:

I’m trying to understand your above statement a bit more.  I received physiotherapy at another clinic, and I was there for more than an hour and I was a WCB patient.  Does this mean that this clinic was booking 1 patient per hour?

Thank  you Craig for your question. This is were the blog is very good.  This interaction gives us more opportunities to explain to you, and the public, what is generally kept hidden within our profession. 

At Resolve, we have chosen to take a very open and verbal approach to this usually hushed topic.  A common practice present within a high volume (4-6 patients per hour) clinic is to keep you busy with various machines and exercises so that you don’t notice that your physiotherapist contact time has actually been minimal.  Moreover,  because you have been at the clinic for a prolonged period you may feel that you have received value for you payment.    At Resolve we have decided to take the approach that contact time with your physiotherapist is the single most important aspect to your treatment.   We do value exercises. In fact we believe that it’s one of the most important factors to long term relief. Therefor we make sure that you are doing each prescribed exercise perfectly as a home program.  But we also feel that a client shouldn’t be paying a physiotherapist to watch you and 4 other clients do exercises within their gym.  In the end you would be at our clinic for an hour or more also, but we believe that when you go to physiotherapy, you need to have the advice, and treatments that you simply cannot do on your own.  To be blunt, anyone can use a hot/cold pack, exercise bands, and a tens machine on their own.

A Physiotherapist requires prolonged schooling to learn about different pathologies and their various treatment options.  It’s our belief is that when you see a physiotherapist, they should be providing you with all treatments you cannot do on your own; for example joint mobilisation/manipulations, massage therapy, acupuncture, traction, and home exercise program development. 

So moving back to WCB or Calgary Health Region funding.  Because their funding is so poor, a clinic needs to see a high number of patients per hour  to keep their doors open.  By removing this funding from our clientele, we allow ourselves to see less patients per hour and thus increasing total one on one, client to physiotherapist, contact time.  It’s this contact time that we at Resolve believe is the key to our success, and patient/client satisfaction. 

March 28th, 2011

Jackie W. Wrote:

Thank you for the info. I have another question.  I have been going to another physicaltherapy clinic here in Calgary. I am not a worker’s comp  or a Calgary Health funded client, but it still seemed like I was grouped into the high volume case load that you described above.  I saw the therapist for 5 or so minutes, she did a couple of tests.  She then told me to do some band exercises and instructed her aid to put an eletrical machine on me with a hot pack.  This gave me the same feeling as you described above.  I thought that I could just do these exercises at home, buy a Dr. Ho, and use my own hot pack.  I don’t really need someone to cruise by and tell me I’m doing a great job.

 Now my question for you is that if I’m not a goverment funded patient, why am I being lumped into the same schedule as these underfunded patients.  And what does underfunded mean? What is WCB and Calgary Health region paying per client. I’m not sure about your rates but at this clinic I paid 85$.

Thank you in advance for your response.

Jackie W.

Wow, we are still stirring things up good now!!  The last part of your email was very interesting.  After I answer your question, you will see our frustration with how some clinics are been managed in Calgary. Here it is.  WCB and Calgary Health region pays approximately 35$ or so per visit.  I said approximately because I have not dealt with these funders for over 5 years.  Now after saying this, what becomes apparent is what really bothers us at Resolve.  The latest information from a study from our college indicates that a Physiotherapy clinic needs to bill approximately 180$-200$ per hour to keep their doors open.  To achieve this number you can see why clinics who accept WCB and Calgary health funding  require scheduling that allows for 4-6 patients per hour.  The problem that we have is when a private patient like yourself  is lumped into the same schedule and has to pay a premium for therapy that usually is no different than the clients that are paying much less.

Because of this situation and how it cuts into the one on one time between the physiotherapist and patient, we at Resolve do not see WCB and CHR funded patients.  It’s not that we don’t want to treat these types of clients, it’s just because we do not believe it’s possible to provide adequate therapy within a high volume case load.  Funny thing is that if every other clinic did the same (denied WCB and CHR ), I believe WCB and CHR would be forced to stop underfunding and a high volume clinic would be something in the past.

Lastly, Jackie I hope your sitting down for this one.  We also are at the same rate you paid at the other clinic ($85), but we only see a maximum of 2 patients per hour for regular treatment, 1 per hour for a new assessment/first visit. 

Hope this helps

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